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Spray foam insulation by Strategic Spray Foam Insulation in Raleigh, NC, undoubtedly offers superior air sealing and heat loss mitigation.

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At Strategic Spray Foam Insulation, we are proud to offer high-quality insulation services to homes and businesses across North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a free estimate. We service the following areas:

Spray Foam Insulation Raleigh, NC

Strategic Spray Foam Insulation provides spray foam insulation for Raleigh, NC, home and commercial building owners. It’s safe to say that no other product on the market offers as many benefits as spray foam. That’s why we’ve continually provided it to building owners and other industry players in Raleigh, North Carolina, since the start of our operations.

Our team of experienced Raleigh, NC, spray foam insulation applicators considers every aspect of your insulation – from air sealing to ventilation and any repairs that may be necessary before installing spray foam. Contact us today by calling (919) 842-5925 or completing our online form to start the journey to making your building energy-efficient and more comfortable.

Achieve Energy-Efficient, More Valuable Homes in Raleigh, NC

With increasing energy costs in Raleigh, NC, new home buyers are increasingly seeking houses with lower operating costs. Existing homeowners are also looking for solutions to achieve more energy-efficient homes to lower their utility costs. While there are many ways to achieve that, spray foam insulation in Raleigh, NC, offers a great return on investment in lower utility bills, minimal maintenance, and a possible increased home resale value.

Energy-efficient homes can ensure up to 30% savings on energy consumption compared to other homes. That could translate to about $300 in annual energy expenses. Spray foam insulation in Raleigh, NC, can help achieve these savings by ensuring the following:

  • An insulated and air-sealed building envelope

  • Air-sealed, high-performance doors and windows

  • Efficient HVAC/thermostat control

  • Air-sealed and insulated ductwork

Spray Foam Roofing Systems for Commercial Facilities in Raleigh, NC

In addition to homes, spray foam can be installed on roofing systems of some commercial buildings for its robustness and waterproofing nature. Yet, the benefits of spray foam roofing systems don’t end there. Here are some more:

  • It provides a monolithic, leak-free layer

  • Offers a high R-value

  • Wind uplift resistance due to strong adhesion

  • Lightweight yet robust material

  • UV and weather-resistant

  • High ROI with energy savings

When applied to a flat roofing surface, spray foam expands to about 30 times the original liquid volume and dries quickly.The result is a dense, seamless, monolithic roofing material fully adhered to the roofing surface.

We specialize in closed-cell spray foam for roofing systems due to its high-density, robust nature. Yet, this material doesn’t add significant weight to the roof. Its ability to adhere to any substrate makes it perfect for reroofing applications in most industrial and large commercial buildings.

Spray foam roofing systems provide excellent insulation value for buildings and a light-colored surface. That gives a “cool roof,” significantly reducing the need for air conditioning in buildings.

These roofs reflect more sunlight than the average roof, which helps keep heat away from the building. That helps eliminate the urban heat island effect – the tendency for urban areas to be overly hot.

Our Spray Foam Roofing Installation Process

The existing roof’s characteristics often determine the installation process’s steps. However, our installation process generally involves the following steps:

We can help you choose the suitable coating for your needs, whether it be a reflective coating to help keep your building cool or a waterproof coating to provide extra protection against rain and moisture. The protective coating also makes the roofing system more weather-resistant, with the ability to be walked on during maintenance.

Spray Foam for Metal Buildings and Pole Barns in Raleigh, NC

Metal buildings and pole barns often have unique insulation needs. That’s why we offer specialized Raleigh, NC, spray foam insulation services to help keep your building comfortable and energy-efficient.

These structures are often used for commercial or agricultural purposes and require proper insulation to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and prevent damage to equipment or stored materials. With our spray foam insulation in Raleigh, NC, we can help you achieve this and reduce noise transmission.

Our experienced team uses only the highest quality spray foam products to ensure your building is appropriately air-sealed and insulated. We offer open-cell and closed-cell spray foam, and our team will work with you to determine the best option for your specific needs.

Closed-cell spray foam is denser and provides a superior air and moisture barrier, while open-cell spray foam offers excellent insulation and noise deadening. That makes it an ideal solution for industrial or workshop spaces.

Our installation process for these structures involves an initial assessment of the building to determine your specific insulation needs. Surface preparation for installation follows, then spray foam application to the walls, roof, and other areas as needed. After installation, we’ll perform a final inspection to ensure the insulation has been properly applied and your space is well-insulated.


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Strategic Spray Foam Insulation, LLC makes spray foam insulation replacement easy for homeowners and businesses in Raleigh and surrounding areas. If your insulation no longer provides the protection your property deserves, then call our experts today to discuss your project needs and receive a free estimate.