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Home insulation by Strategic Spray Foam Insulation is the way to maintain an air-sealed and insulated home in North Carolina and can’t be overstated.

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Our Home Insulation Services

We specialize in spray foam – a material that acts as a sealant and insulation when applied on building surfaces. Our team of trained and experienced spray foam experts uses only top-of-the-line spray foam products and specialized equipment to ensure you get the best insulation for your home. That way, you can forget about replacing your insulation for your home’s lifetime.

We understand that getting insulation that will stand the test of time can be daunting. So, you can lean on us for effective and durable insulation whenever you want to throw a blanket over your home. Call Strategic Spray Foam Insulation today at (919) 842-5925 or complete our online form to start the journey towards making your home comfy and energy-efficient.

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Why Install Home Insulation in North Carolina?

Besides meeting the basic energy efficiency regulations, home insulation in North Carolina helps achieve tighter and more comfortable homes. Below are some reasons why insulation for your home is a must-have.

Households with respiratory issues and allergies may benefit significantly from quality insulation. Spray foam insulation seals gaps in homes to keep harmful pollutants and allergens out. Moreover, some insulation materials are treated with fire retardants that may contain toxic chemicals.

Correctly installed spray foam insulation doesn’t off-gas volatile organic compounds since it becomes inert when fully cured and hardened. Spray foam also helps manage condensation and prevents moisture seepage into your home. That prevents mold growth, which would otherwise result in poor indoor air quality.

Homes should be comfortable and quiet havens; installing effective spray foam insulation gets you just that. One aspect that compromises a home’s comfort is drafts and different temperature zones. These are signs of air leakage in your home, which you can solve by installing insulation on walls, attics, and crawl spaces.

While home insulation in North Carolina may not offer a holistic noise control strategy, it can help keep out much of the external noise and reduce reverberations inside the home. Installing open-cell spray foam insulation on interior walls also helps curb room-to-room sound movement, ensuring privacy and serenity.

With homeowners expected to about spend about $1,359 in electricity heating costs per winter season, you must make each buck count by keeping the heat inside. Homeowners also spend significantly on cooling costs in the summer, which underlines the importance of installing home insulation in North Carolina.

Spray foam insulation acts as a sealant and insulation, which helps seal gaps that facilitate air leakage and keep conditioned air in the house. That way, homeowners can reduce reliance on their HVAC system and significantly reduce their energy bills. That’s not all! Spray foam insulation can easily last your home’s lifetime while offering excellent thermal resistance.

Home Insulation

Insulation Repair vs. New Insulation

Spray insulation is great for various applications, including new construction and retrofit projects. Installing insulation for your new construction helps you enjoy energy savings from the get-go. If your home has been without insulation, retrofitting is a great way to ensure energy efficiency and comfort.

You might not get the best from your old insulation. An energy assessment can help determine the condition of your home insulation and its effectiveness. Generally, you must remove any other insulation type before installing spray foam. Moreover, there is usually little to no need to repair spray foam insulation as it can maintain its quality for decades.

Our North Carolina Home Insulation Process

Our spray foam experts follow certain steps to ensure an efficient and effective North Carolina home insulation process. Generally, our insulation installation process involves the following:

  • Home Energy Assessment

  • Surface

  • Spray Foam Application

  • Insulation Inspection

  • Cleanup

Our process starts with an energy assessment to determine your home’s energy efficiency. Our insulation experts list any indoor issues you may have noticed, including condensation and draftiness. They also review the recent energy bills and do an initial home walkthrough to evaluate your daily energy usage patterns.

Afterward, our insulation professionals do an equipment-based energy assessment using the blower door test and thermographic scan. They may also inspect your HVAC system and check whether your home is well-ventilated.

A blower door test checks the airtightness of your home, while a thermographic scan detects temperature differences in your home. The scan gives images that show the location of air leaks, which makes it easier to air seal.

Spray foam can be applied to most construction surfaces, but preparing the surface to receive the spray foam is vital. Our North Carolina home insulation experts clean surfaces of dirt and contaminants, such as oil, and dry them to ensure that spray foam adheres.


Our qualified applicators use high-pressure proportioning two-component spray equipment to apply the insulation. Before applying, they review the weather conditions, including humidity and ambient temperature. These are vital to consider as they could affect the curing and hardening of the spray foam.

They also review the spray foam manufacturer’s instructions and project specifications. After establishing that the surfaces are ready, they apply the required thickness of spray foam following good workmanship and insulation practices.

Once spraying is done, our applicators allow about 24 hours before inspecting the state of the insulation. When correctly applied, spray foam hardens into a dense, inert material.

Our North Carolina home insulation experts apply any necessary finishing touches, such as trimming and smoothing, to give the insulation a neat look. Inspection may also involve testing the house’s airtightness to ensure all gaps and crevices are sealed.

We strive to leave your home as clean as we found it, so we remove any debris and containers and dispose of them per the local disposal guidelines. We also get all our equipment off your home, and you may consider the end of the installation process.


Are You Considering Home Insulation in North Carolina?

Strategic Spray Foam Insulation, LLC makes home insulation replacement easy for homeowners and businesses in North Carolina and surrounding areas. If your insulation no longer provides the protection your property deserves, then call our experts today to discuss your project needs and receive a free estimate.