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Spray foam is a practical option for insulation in metal buildings in North Carolina. Strategic Spray Foam Insulation is your local installer.

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Our Metal Building Insulation Services

Our North Carolina metal building insulation experts install spray foam directly to the inside of wall panels. Most metal building insulation projects call for closed-cell spray foam, but open-cell spray foam may be used in some applications. We prepare the metal panels for accepting spray foam, apply the foam, and apply a fire-rated coating if the insulation is left exposed.

If you need insulation for your metal building in NC, you can bank on our expertise and experience in the industry. Call us today via 919-842-5925 or complete our online form to provide more information on your insulation needs.

How Metal Building Insulation in North Carolina Works

Spray foam insulation serves more than one purpose in metal buildings. Generally, it helps:

  • Prevent air infiltration

  • Control condensation

  • Keep out noise

  • Provide a comfortable indoor environment

  • Air Sealing

    Air infiltration is probably the greatest cause of energy loss in residential and commercial buildings. A air sealing in metal buildings is vital as it, in extension, helps prevent condensation. Spray foam performs exceptionally at sealing the seams and gaps in your metal building, keeping outside air out and indoor air in.

    Before installing spray foam, our professional spray foam installers perform a blower door test to check for leakage points, including windows, sliding, revolving, rolling, or swinging doors, and skylights. Through air sealing, you can enjoy a tighter building envelope and less energy loss in your metal building.

  • Controlling Condensation

    Spray foam is an excellent vapor barrier due to its impermeability. Particularly, closed-cell spray foam controls condensation and limits corrosion on metal panels, cold piping, chillers, ducts, and roof drains of industrial metal buildings.

    Installing four to five inches of spray foam on specific parts and areas is sufficient to maintain surface temperatures above the due point. That’s particularly important for equipment and piping operating below the ambient air temperature, as moisture would lead to corrosion and costly damage.

    By preventing condensation, metal building insulation in North Carolina also help curb mold and mildew growth which maintains indoor air quality. Proper insulation of your metal building also reduces the energy costs of running chillers and refrigeration equipment, resulting in more savings.

  • Protecting Personnel

    Well-installed insulation in industrial metal buildings helps lower hot surface temperatures and prevent accidental burns. Spray foam insulation can be installed on hot water pipes or extremely cold piping and equipment. Spray foam reduces the surface temperature on hot surfaces to a safer level, protecting workers and preventing downtime due to injury.

  • Controlling Noise

    Spray foam can help reduce noise by absorbing or deadening emitted noise in the building. Closed-cell spray foam can also help eliminate sound at the source, enabling industrial metal owners to meet OSHA requirements. Overall, spray foam insulation can contribute to a quieter environment, improving workers’ health and productivity.


Are You Considering Metal Building Insulation in N.C?

Strategic Spray Foam Insulation, LLC makes spray foam insulation replacement easy for homeowners and businesses in N.C. and surrounding areas. If your insulation no longer provides the protection your property deserves, then call our experts today to discuss your project needs and receive a free estimate.